Flavour Canyon

by Psyche Tongues

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One dead tree
lookin' like a scraggly

silhouette Einstein

sees for miles
across his canyon bride
Men tend to ignore him yet

here he stands

the lila wind dancing thru a few

lightly hanging fingers.


released April 20, 2013

our love and thanks to everyone who's helped us and supported us. to Al and Annette for letting us record in their cottage. to Heather, Wil, Lauren, Kait, Marshall, Brad, Good Look crew, Seb, Greg, Dave KB, Ema, Rottenfolk, Exhale and Everything's Alright Forever....




Psyche Tongues Toronto, Ontario

zzzzzz dopamine drone zzzzzzzz

contact: psychetonges@gmail.com

pt loves you

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Track Name: Pulsar // Halo
in phantom peripherals,
Soccoro. bullet holes.
the cops souls can’t touch us now
we’re glowing so distantly //

// pegasus with something to prove
to wait outside the earth
a dangling hangman hanging from a hook of stars.
i came hours after the streets had long gone to bed
and at last i am a face without a name,
wrapped, in a pulsar
what’s this i gotta do
to lay out in the rain
to wait for you to bring
tenderness in the hurricane
so i chase down hell
with a hook for a hand
lemons on my eyes
a vacant stare,
wrapped, in a pulsar
i’m calling you out
come crush me with your halo
Track Name: Eat Yer Maker
to the ghosts i spend my time with
we can't expect the world to make sense
you like to say when we get old
you'd like to dig a hole and fill it up with marigolds
but i don't know, i'll watch em grow

sooner or later when i get older
the puzzle still won't fit together
a japanese sun is on the lake
a shiek-style lotus sittin by the forest gate
i knew it was you!
don't get so cute.

we gotta eat our maker

on the i-90 don't look behind
good faces, places eating us alive
pull back my eyes, look for the light
its all been sucked out, the states gone blind
except me and you
our eternal ragged shoes
Track Name: Soul and Body
we are so young, we can still make it right
we can still take the sun on our shoulders and run
i'll be the circle that keeps your mind in a twirl
a life-long dance party for your soul, for your body
hope you haven't lost faith
hope you know where to get it
but you can't count on faith
but you can't count on me
grow a new mind while i pace another hour
got lost in a vision of you ribbons and your flowers

changing heartbeats/moonbeam midnight/pulsar explode/past lives/wolf eyes
now i'm a laugh just looking for a mouth, just looking for a mouth
i'm a person again
in a codiene blur, baby, i'm a person again!
Track Name: Plans
you came here with a reason for being
just a ghost, petrified in the season
i wish you came, wish you were here with me somehow
i was just hungry enough to get out

we made plans to be alone and nomadic
plans fell thru, i ain't with you, i got frozen
between the landscapes, between the hours
my love is stolen
by angels with wings that never run the ground

we should climb up the tower to the summit
feel that voice wrap our ears in an echo
have i waited, goin' crazy for nothing?
we could turn our backs on the sacred sound
we could turn our backs on the sacred sound
Track Name: Shake Like Death
shake like death
in the rattlesnake grass,
shake like death
defeat, he creeps up
an old friend, convert
dissolving in soft focus

hey crater city, hollow patch
nicotine stream,
plastic indian
under buzzing lights
returns to soft focus
zzz---shake like death------zzz